Fans of science fiction will delight in the way that Zannini has created a richly detailed religion for her aliens. Furthermore, the chemistry between Rachel and Taelen is scorching. However, some readers may find the multitude of characters confusing, as few of them have fully fleshed out identities. Additionally, Rachel’s waffling affections for Taelen and his romantic competition, Paul, make it difficult to become invested in the outcome of this rivalry. Nonetheless, Zannini’s inventive mythos, and her exploration of the character of sentient computer Bubba, makes this story one that will remain with readers long after they have finished the story.

Rachel Cruz is an archaeologist and a nephilim. Her new dig site is invaded by aliens who are backed by human military personnel. Rachel and her team are caught in a flash flood while trying to leave the site. She only survives with the help of the alien leader, Taelen Jessit, who decides to make her his concubine.  When she reaches outer space with Taelen he discovers Rachel's supernatural ancestry. His race worships nephilim as gods and have been searching for their presence on Earth. However all nephilim, including Rachel, are in jeopardy because the military's new communications system is killing them. Will Taelen be able to destroy the com-system (and the sentient super computer, FAIA, that powers it) before the nephilim are wiped out? (Carina Press, dl. $5.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard