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by Nora Roberts

Genre: Romantic Suspense, General Romantic Suspense

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Award-winning author Nora Roberts picks the high stakes world of horse racing as the setting for TRUE BETRAYALS, now in mass market paperback. Kelsey Byden's father told her that her mother died when Kelsey was very young, a fact Kelsey never questioned until the day the fateful letter arrived.

Naomi Chadwick is very much alive and living on Three Willows Farm, her horse racing stable located in Virginia. Kelsey is stunned not only to hear from her long "dead" mother, but to discover that the reason Naomi disappeared from her life was that she was convicted of murdering her lover and sent to prison. Now that Kelsey is an adult, Naomi wants the chance to meet and get to know her beloved daughter.

Angry but curious, Kelsey appears at Three Willows prepared to dislike and reject her mother, but Kelsey soon discovers a woman that she can not only like, but possibly even love. Despite the vociferous protests of her paternal grandmother, Kelsey decides to get acquainted with her mother.

Gabe Slater, fellow racing stable owner and close friend of Naomi's, is intrigued and attracted to Kelsey, causing sparks and sexual tension to fly whenever they come in close contact. Gabe and Naomi are both proud owners of potential Kentucky Derby winners, and Kelsey soon finds herself entranced with the whole horse racing lifestyle.

Unfortunately, horse racing is an extremely competitive and lucrative sport that can make some people capable of even sabotage and murder. Someone seems bent on destroying both Naomi and Gabe's horses, and with the stakes this high, no one can afford to lose.

Gripping drama, overwhelming passion and bitter deceit are all delicately spun together by the incomparable Ms. Roberts as she delivers another of her unforgettable reads. (May, 432 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

Publisher: Jove

Published: May 1996

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4.5 Stars

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True Betrayals

Submitted by Robin in PA on November 20, 2010 - 11:42pm.

Kelsey Byden is shocked to receive a letter from her long "dead" mother. Believing that her mother died when she was young, Kelsey finds out that her mother, Naomi Chadwick, was sent to prison for the murder of her lover. Naomi, who now runs a horse farm in Virginia, wants to get to know her daughter. Kelsey decides to give her mother a chance and stays at the horse farm where she falls in love with the horses, and meets the next door neighbor, Gabe Slater. But when a man is murdered and a horse is injured, it looks like history is repeating itself. Kelsey sets out to uncover secrets of the past, and possibly uncover a murderer in the present.

One of my favorite Nora Roberts book. Lots of information on professional horse racing and a good romance. Don't miss this one! My rating: 5 Stars.