Teenagers Sebastian Plato and Bliss Winters were young lovers whose relationship was sabotaged. Fifteen years later, Sebastian returns to Bellevue having built himself an entertainment empire.

Dr. Bliss Winters, now a respected academic and patron of the arts, is disturbed when she hears of Sebastian's return. Her father, Senator Morris Winters, still despises Sebastian and wants to drive him out of the state. Sebastian's step-sister and junior partner, Maryann, has been obsessed with her step-brother for years. Maryann isn't going to allow any rekindling of the romance between Bliss and Sebastian. Model-turned-businesswoman Zoya and Maryann's gigolo friend Ron York also see potential danger signs in the reuniting of the star-crossed pair.

While Sebastian is determined to regain the love he once lost, Bliss is wary of being emotionally damaged once more. Their bond is strong, however, and soon passionate embers flare.

How far are the various parties willing to go to stop the reunion? When Bliss is nearly killed, Sebastian knows he had better find a way to expose the culprit before they lose each other forever.

Master storyteller Stella Cameron treats her fans to another stellar performance with her newest tale of provocative passion and sizzling suspense. Delectably hot summer reading! (Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith