Good world-building is
a requisite for an exceptional futuristic romance, and Waddell delivers in spades. Crisp dialogue and a twisty plot make this detective story, set in space, riveting and exhilarating. A major plus is
the way Waddell handles the burgeoning sexual attraction between her
characters, which is mirrored by
their growing respect for each other's strengths. The conclusion leaves opportunities for sequels, so here's hoping Waddell decides to revisit this universe very soon!

The destruction of a Korcian ship, along with the death of all aboard, has placed the fragile accord between the League of Planets and the Korcian Empire in jeopardy. To stave off a possible war, a tribunal has been formed to uncover the cause of the explosion.

Because of her unique psychometric skills, diplomat Danna MacFadyen is the League's representative. On the Korcian side, Enforcer Cullon Gavriel is in charge. Learning that one of the passengers on the doomed ship was a Korcian True Blood, theoretically in line for the now-defunct throne, complicates matters greatly. How far and how wide does this possible conspiracy go? (TOR, Sep., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith