As with all of the tales from Thea Harrison's Elder Races series, this story is an absolute delight. Even though Alice and Gideon are two very different characters, they compliment each other well. It is especially wonderful to see Gideon, a big, bad wolf shifter fall so hard, so fast for his mate.

A wolf without a home, without a pack, Gideon Riehl has joined New York City's Wyr Division of Violent Crime in order to hunt down Wyr criminals. And to catch the bad guys, Gideon needs to be even stronger and more dangerous than they are. Alice Clark lives a simple, quiet life as a schoolteacher. She is a Wyr, but a delicate rainbow chameleon more used to hiding than fighting. However, when her best friend is murdered, Alice cannot run away from the fact that someone is hunting down her kind and she may be next. But Gideon is not about to let that happen. With an unexpected realization that the shy, beautiful woman is his mate, Gideon vows to protect Alice, not only to ensure her future, but his as well. (SAMHAIN, Dec., dl., $3.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne