Image of True Confessions


Image of True Confessions

Considering the trouble some of her most recent articles have stirred, it is no wonder that Hope Spencers publisher at The Weekly News of the Universe tabloid urges her to take a secluded working vacation. Tiny Gospel, Idaho seems like a good hiding place and Hope takes a six-month lease on a local cabin.

Gospels eccentric population is certainly providing Hope, who writes under the pen name Madilyn Wright, with fodder for her creative juices. And since Big Foot, the Bermuda Triangle and aliens are some of News of the Universes best selling issues, basing a series of articles on an entire town of aliens should be a winner.

Former big city resident Sheriff Dylan Tabor finds Gospel to be a great place to raise his 7-year-old son Adam. But Dylan has secrets, ones that he would not share with a tabloid reporterso when the truth comes out, things are really going to hit the fan.

This is definitely author Rachel Gibsons best book to date. This one has it alldrama, humor, passion and terrific romance! (Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith