Fifth-grade teacher Caroline Lane and FBI agent Luke Falcon meet at the wedding of Luke's cousin and Caroline's sister. Luke decides to shield Caroline from the ugly realities of his job and keeps their dating casual. Caroline despairs of their relationship and prepares to move on—until her sister and her sister's son disappear.

In order to save the lives of their family, Luke and Caroline must band together. Can Caroline's gentle nature withstand the stress and horror? Will Luke's iron control fail in the face of personal tragedy? The deadly manhunt will either bind their hearts or rend them apart forever.

This fourth in the Uncommon Heroes series is vintage Henderson. Her no-frills writing style results in a fast-paced plot and satisfying romance, along with characters readers care about and admire. A light read for entertainment, not depth of theme. (May, 350 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson