Image of True Deception (The True Series, Book 2)


Image of True Deception (The True Series, Book 2)

Waddell wastes no time revving up this space adventure by setting a breakneck pace. Picking up where True Blood left
off, this tale mixes politics with sabotage, betrayal and plenty of action. It is impossible to put down. In true Waddell style, the characters are finely drawn and their motivations recognizable. She is at the top of her game!

When his wife and child were killed by Governor Rendhal and the Conglomerate, Korcian Aedon Rawn vowed revenge. So when Aedon is offered the opportunity to infiltrate the planet Hachyn to discover what Rendhal is up to, he accepts and links up with rebel forces.

Kala Char'ari has been a freedom fighter for years. Events go badly when her beloved leader is killed. Now Kala must lead and decide if she can trust the handsome Korcian who has a plan to take down the weapons factories threatening the galaxy. It will take guts and determination to succeed and survive. (TOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE, Nov., 294 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith