TRUE DEVOTION is the wonderfully written story of artist Marti Allgood and wealthy art collector Kenyon Williams. They meet when Marti goes to his home to retrieve "her" painting, which was sold to him in error. Marti snatches the painting from his wall and does not see Kenyon again, until he visits her…in jail, after he has her arrested.

Kenyon has a proposal for Marti: Paint his portrait and he'll drop the charges. She agrees and spends time with him in order to get a "feel" for him. Kenyon is determined not to fall in love with Marti. The deeds of his ancestors weigh heavily on his conscience, and he feels unworthy of love or family. When Marti becomes pregnant, he ends the relationship, though he finds it hard to stifle his feelings for her.

Heartbreaking, heartwarming and downright funny, this story will totally captivate any reader from beginning to end. The secondary characters and the way they intertwine with Marti and Kenyon is done marvelously. (Dec., 280 pp., $6.99) the first half of the story is quite good. However, it was disappointing that Kenyon could not seem to rise above his past. There are several threads and secondary characters that were neglected and the ending was greatly disappointing. (Dec., 280 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims