In this, the last of the MacKenzie Trilogy, Arnette Lamb whisks readers into a tale as powerful and heartstirring as any she has created.

Virginia MacKenzie is betrothed at the age of ten to her dearest friend, the young man she idealizes, Cameron Cunningham. Unwilling to patiently wait for him to return from a voyage to France, Virginia runs off hoping to find a ship to take her to him. Instead she is sold into indenture and taken to the far-off American colonies.

For years Cam has lived with the pain of regret and the guilt of having lost his sweet Virginia. Like Cam, Agnes MacKenzie has not given up hope of finding her sister and when a strange twist of fate proves to Cam that Virginia is alive, he and Agnes are determined to find Virginia and bring her home.

Virginia took a chance in carving her sign onto a barrel bound for England with the slim hope that Cam would see her mark. Having survived years of hardship as a servant to a degrading, cruel owner, Virginia is still not prepared for Cam's appearance.

Virginia's fear of losing Cam forces her to push away from his embrace and it is only with his sweet persistence, along with Agnes's devotion and her parents' love, that Virginia is brought back to the shelter of her family's warmth and Cam's arms.

Arnette Lamb brings the trilogy to a close with a loving tale that mixes sweetness, passion and a family's loyalty together creating a memorable, heartwarming tale for all time. SENSUAL (Feb., 307 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin