Image of True Highland Spirit (The Highlander)


Image of True Highland Spirit (The Highlander)

Forester’s third book in her Highlander series is a riveting, diverting read. She blends a fast-paced adventurous plot with political and religious intrigue to form the perfect backdrop for a delightful romance. The humor and interaction between two unique characters is an ideal counterpoint to the daily life of a typical Scot.

Morrigan McNab, born a lady, has no choice but to fight beside her brothers to protect her impoverished clan. Sir Jacques Dragonet is a French knight sworn to defend Scotland from the English. While sparks fly between them from their first meeting, it takes a war with the British and the learning of the true meaning of honor before either can accept and admit to their mutual desire. Following many physical trials and much angst, they come to realize they would rather die than hurt or be killed. They can finally bare their hearts and agree to love one another forever. (SOURCEBOOKS, Mar., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin