Pirate King Captain Whiskey is quite pleased with himself for giving his daughter, Cristabel, what she always wanted-a titled English gentleman. Cristabel and the young man are soon married and bound for England.

Martin Thomas Snow, the groom in this unlikely match, is already married-which makes the marriage invalid. This revelation doesn't bother Cristabel; now she can lead the independent life she has always dreamed of.

Upon their arrival in London they each go their separate ways. Martin relates his adventure to his brother Mangus, Lord Snow, leaving out his marriage to Cristabel. It isn't until Mangus is accosted by members of the pirate brethren, accusing him of treating their dear Cristabel unfairly, that he discovers the truth.

Mangus becomes responsible for Cristabel and introduces her to society. He decides to woo her with marriage in mind. However, she wants her independence and attempts to ignore her budding love for the formidable lord.

Meanwhile, neither is aware of the assassin who watches and waits.

Touching at times and laced with just the right amount of humor, A TRUE LADY is a pleasurable read. SENSUAL (Nov., 338 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond