Psychic counselor Elle Medina is anything but content in her life. She's full of self-doubt and excuses about putting off what she knows would be the right path to pursue -- enrolling in graduate school and becoming an official, professional therapist -- and she grapples with her goals while feeling pangs of jealousy about her best friend, Maya, for having her seemingly steady life worked out.

But Elle can't really blame Maya for her inner conflicts. Elle has a committed boyfriend, Merrick, a faithful companion in her dog, Miu, and a job she finds truly rewarding. It's just that she's taking awhile finding out who she is and what it is she really wants for herself. Riding out the twists of a very bumpy journey, Elle gets to her destination -- but will she ever learn to exhale?

Nichols' tale of a quirky psychic -- or "intuitive" -- counselor is for those looking for a lighthearted and entertaining novel to tote to the beach. While the story doesn't have much punch, and the characters are a bit lean, Nichols gives the novel its pep through sharp and witty language. (Jun., 295 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Debra LiCausi