Dime novelist Emily Jean Bartlett is desperate to save her floundering publisher, and a book about the legendary Jess Murdock (sheriff, Wild West star, hero and rancher) is just what they need.

Emily is on her way to True Love, Montana when her stage is ambushed and robbed. Shes left penniless and connives her way to Murdocks ranch.

Jess wants nothing to do with the meddlesome writer, but he cant leave a lady stranded. So they strike a deal: shell teach his son and hell teach her about ranch life to get realism into her books.

But theres trouble in True Love. Someone is rustling Jess cattle, a ranch hand has disappeared and accidents occur. To add to this, Jess and Emily can no longer deny their attraction. But what happens when his wife unexpectedly arrives?

Millie Criswells delightful, sweet, heartwarming, story is filled with likable characters (especially Jess precious son), a secondary love story and enough old-fashioned romance to satisfy Ms. Criswells fans. SENSUAL (June, 334 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager