In Bavaria the king lies ill and the heir to the throne, Prince Deverell, must come home from England. To toughen up his foppish son, the king sends Deverell to fight with Wellington.

No one is more respected than the kings guard and no guard more admired than Captain Lancetlittle do they know that the Captain is actually a beautiful woman in disguise. Continually trying to please her father, Marisa Lancet has learned to outfight and outwit any man. Now she faces the greatest assignment of her life to guard and train Deverell to become a true prince.

But Deverell is no weakling. He deliberately play acts to ferret out a traitor. Now, he must prove himself to his countrymen and most infuriating of all, to his childhood playmate, Marisa.

Ms. Sattlers unique style of bringing her characters to life while accurately depicting the era is what turns ordinary storytelling into unforgettable reading. Stylishly witty repartee take Marisa and Deverell from verbal sparring to passionate embraces that scorch the pages. The powerful father/ daughter relationship adds to a readers enjoyment of this masterfully crafted romantic adventure. Brava! SENSUAL (Dec., 352 pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin