Image of True Spies (Lord and Lady Spy)


Image of True Spies (Lord and Lady Spy)

In her Lord and Lady Spy series, Galen adds her own Regency twists to well-known spy movies. With its engaging plot, snappy dialogue and likable characters — including the thickheaded hero — the second in the series is a charmer. Galen also tackles the deeper meaning of marriage and what damage secrets can do to a relationship while delivering a fun, fast-paced read.

Lady Elinor is bored with her life; she loves her daughters, but is sick and tired of her husband’s “travels.” She’s ready to forge ahead with her own life, and she starts by planning an affair with a spy — little does she know she’s married to one. Winslow has kept his two lives separate. Few know of his clandestine work for the Crown, and he can never let his calm, quiet wife learn of his covert affairs. Then, he sees her sneaking away with another man at a ball and suddenly realizes he’s jealous. When Elinor is thrust into Winslow’s secret life and put in danger, Winslow discovers how he really feels about her while she uncovers the depths of passion, danger and true love. (SOURCEBOOKS, Sep., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin