Love is hard when you’re young, immature and selfish. Simone knows how to tell a story in the language of urban youth, and she can also bring the drama! Those who have faced similar situations will relate to Seven, who is torn between two loves.

Seven is in her sophomore year at Stiles University. Her relationship with her boo, Zaire, is in jeopardy. Seven wants to party and kick it with her girls — after all, she’s only 18 and ready to pop that thang. Zaire had trouble in his past, but has turned his life around and become a responsible young man — maybe too responsible. His idea of fun is ordering pizza and watching Netflix … boring. Josiah, Seven’s ex, is all up in her face trying to get her back. But he cheated on her in the past. He’s hard to avoid, since they go the same school. What’s a girl to do? (DAFINA KTEEN, Dec., 224 pp., $9.95, ISBN: 9780758287724, PB, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg