Myth mixes with reality as Scottish warrior Marcus Kincardine, Slayer of the Unholy, attempts to break the curse tormenting his clan. Legend dictates that he marry a warrior woman whose fabled golden hair and heather-colored eyes are matched by her extraordinary gifts.

To all appearances Lady Avalon dFarouche is the manifestation of the legend. She has all the attributes, including the gift of seeing visions. But she will not allow her future to rest on a legend and she will not marry a man she does not love.

Stolen from her home and deliberately raised to be the embodiment of the legendary heroine, Lady Avalon strikes out on her own to find the truth behind her fathers murder and stumbles into political intrigues and a passionate love she never expected.

The TRUELOVE BRIDE is a lovely melding of a fairy tale and the rugged medieval world, a place of wild passion and emotion, where intrigue swirls around lovers whose destiny has been foretold by legends. Beautifully told with Ms. Abes deft writing and engaging characters, this is the kind of story that brings sweet dreams and allows your fantasies free reign. SENSUAL (July, 356 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin