Food writer Carolyn Blue is off on the trip of a lifetime. Her husband, Professor Jason Blue, is being courted by a headhunter who is flying the Blues to NYC. Carolyn cant wait to get a sample of real New York cooking. She knows that shell be able to get many exciting columns out of this trip.

Things get off to the worst start ever, for when the Blues arrive in NY, their host dies while enjoying that great NYC delight, a hot pastrami sandwich. However, this is not going to stop the Blues from having a good time as career opportunities are explored.

When a report reveals that the dead man, Max Heydemann, was murdered, Carolyn cant help but get involved. After all, the murder is possibly connected to the reason why Jason was brought to NYC, so Carolyn feels shed better get to the bottom of things.

Witty repartie and many New York recipes make TRUFFLED FEATHERS an appetizing read. The author cleverly tells the story from both Jasons and Carolyns alternating viewpoints, adding a nicely wry touch of humor. (Dec., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg