After years of privileged living in London, Geraint, Earl of Wyvern, returns to his boyhood home in Wales. But instead of being greeted as a prodigal son, he is met with coldness and fear.

Much has changed in the time he was away. The tolls and tithes placed on the farmers are driving many to ruin. Lines have been drawn between landowners, like Geraint, and the working men. But it is the pure hate in his childhood sweetheart Marged's eyes that causes him the greatest pain.

Geraint does his best to right the wrongs, but he finds it difficult to break through to his one time friends, until he decides if you can't beat them, join them at their own game.

As rebellion begins to grow throughout Wales, Geraint takes on the role of Rebecca, a "woman" who rides with her "daughters," tearing down tollhouses and harassing the enemy.

Much as Geraint enjoys his role as Rebecca, he much prefers trying to win back Marged's respect and love. As the daring Rebecca, he can gain her respect, but he wants her to love the real man inside the disguise. But he fears that once she learns the truth, the love that has grown between them will be destroyed.

Geraint is a hero to dream about and he takes center stage in this marvelously detailed adventure romance. Ms. Balogh's fans will enjoy her careful research, engaging characters and high adventure. SENSUAL (May, 334 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin