Image of Truly, Madly: A Novel (Lucy Valentine Novel)


Image of Truly, Madly: A Novel (Lucy Valentine Novel)

Truly, Madly is a divine combination of paranormal romance, suspense and a fun contemporary heartwarmer. With more than enough charm and a twisty-turny plot that's not too complicated to follow, yet keeps you guessing until the end, this novel is great fun. And the lovely Lucy is a delightful character!

Lucy Valentine comes from a family of matchmakers who are able to create the perfect couple by matching auras. When her dad must leave the country to hide from scandal, Lucy's forced to take over the family business. Only trouble is, she had the matchmaking power zapped right out of her when she was young. Her power, a seemingly much less dramatic one, is to find lost things. However, when a client comes to the matchmaking business looking for his mate, Lucy decides to help him find his lost love. With the clue of a diamond ring, one she envisions on a dead body, Lucy dives headlong into a murder mystery and places herself right in the murderer's sights.

Sean Donahue is a private investigator whose workplace is upstairs from the Valentine Matchmaking office. When the beautiful Lucy asks him for help to solve a mystery, his attraction to the mysterious and secretive woman compels him to help her. Once he learns her secrets, will he be willing to stick around? (ST. MARTIN'S, Feb., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton