Upon his return home in the year 998 AD, Viking Jorund Ericsson is devastated to learn of the deaths of his wife and beloved daughters. At his father's request, the grieving Jorund sets out on a sea voyage to try and discover what has happened to his missing brother. During the voyage, Jorund discovers he has a new ability to communicate mentally with a persistent killer whale named Thora. When Jorund enters the ocean to cut the boat free from an obstacle, Thora grasps him gently in her mouth and swims off. Jorund believes he is drowning, but Thoras voice tells him that the fates have another destiny in mind.

Psychologist and single mom Dr. Maggie McBride is taking her 9-year-old twins to the Orcaland Marine Park in Galveston, Texas. During the show, they notice a naked man emerging from the bay. His strange behavior persuades Maggie that the man needs to be taken to the Rainbow Mental Clinic, where she works. Jorund is now really confused — he has landed in a strange new world. Luckily he picks up a good deal of the language from the TV in his room.

Maggie doesn't know what to make of her new patient. However, Jorund has a positive effect on her other patients. Never one to turn down a good battle, Jorund is determined to both find the true reason for his jaunt through time and convince Maggie that he is not completely nuts.

The Vikings are back! Once again the ingenious Hill brings a megadose of humor to her captivating and fun-filled time travels. Another winner! (Jul., 387 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith