Hair stylist extraordinaire Delany Shaw has spent most of her adult life escaping from the strangling control her mother Gwen and stepfather Henry Shaw have tried to exercise.

Henry is a powerful and wealthy man in the small town of Truly, Idaho. After the humiliation and destruction of her burgeoning relationship with Nick Allegrezza years earlier, Delany had fled town praying she would never have to return.

But Henrys sudden death forces Delany back home. His Byzantine will is Henrys last attempt to control Delanys life. According to the will, Delany will inherit 3 million dollars if she lives in Truly for a year and refrains from having sex with Nick.

Delany is horrified and Nick is amused by his natural fathers last attempt to get his own way. For most of Nicks life, Henry refused to admit that he was the boys father. It was only after Nick and his brother Louie became successful land developers that Henry changed his tune. Since then Nick has been in the drivers seat and refused to have any dealings with Henry.

Since they parted under bitter circumstances years ago, it should be simple for Delany keep away from Nick. Unfortunately despite her reservations, his dangerous and sexy appeal is hard to resist. With their colorful reputations, the first hint of a tryst will be fodder for the gossip mill. Is Delany setting herself up for heartbreak one more time?

Rachel Gibson follows up her terrific debut novel with another winner. TRULY, MADLY YOURS will add luster to her rising star. (Jan., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith