On his first mission for the Free Fellows League, a band of noblemen dedicated to keeping the country safe and staying bachelors, Daniel is shot. Even so, he insists upon attending his mother's annual ball, mostly to see Miranda St. Germaine.

Miranda and Daniel had been childhood friends and almost lovers, but his mother kept them apart. When Daniel asks for a dance and then bleeds all over her gown, Miranda comes to his aid. In his feverish state Daniel divulges his secret life and asks Miranda to marry him that night.

Almost in a dream herself, Miranda agrees, taking Daniel to a private residence and nursing him. But when Daniel recovers he has no memory of their marriage. Somehow, this daring duchess must find a way to lure Daniel into her arms and bed and herself into his heart.

Lee continues to deliver the kind of romances readers dream about. She latches onto wonderful fantasies (like a sensual boat ride) and then proceeds to add a depth of emotion and tenderness that simply sweep you away. You're sure to be entertained, amused and titillated. SENSUAL (Apr., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin