It is April of 1295 and Dame Margaret Kerr of Perth has not seen her husband Roger since he left for Edinburgh six months earlier. Just recently, her husbands cousin and assistant, Jack Sinclair, went to Edinburgh to search for Roger but was killed in a most brutal fashion. Because uncertainty is the worst, Margaret and her serving woman Celia travel to Edinburgh to stay with family and to search for Roger and try to discover what happened to Jack.

Edinburgh is in political turmoil, but Margaret is more interested in the secrets her family seems to be keeping from her. As she searches Edinburgh, she discovers that Roger is very much alive, has betrayed her in more ways than one, and that the politics of the time may concern her more than she imagined.

A TRUST BETRAYED is the first in what promises to be an exciting new series from Candace Robb. Although the story has a good deal of suspense, it is the historical events and background that take center stage. Besides mystery readers, those who love historical novels and all things Scottish are going to enjoy this new series. (Apr., 272 pp., $22.95) T

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg