Divorced from the politician who used to beat her, Julia Bradshaw has used her settlement to start a bed-and-breakfast in Monterey, California. Her plan is to get her business up and running, raise her six-year-old son, and live a quiet life.

The murder of her ex-husband changes all that. When he is shot on the very night she went to see him, there are those in town who believe that she did it. An old man suffering from Alzheimers blames the crime on an Irish terrorist group known as Gleic Eire.

This group is the only thing that could bring investigative reporter Steve Reyes out of his self-imposed exile on a houseboat in Southern Florida. Eight years ago, his fiancie and unborn child were killed by a terrorist bomb. When that crime seems tied to the California murder, Steve heads west.

Steve finds himself attracted to Julia, yet unable to share his true history with her in their current predicament. Julia doesnt want to trust a reporter after all she has recently been through, but Steve finds his way around her defenses as the two begin to work together.

Ms. Heggan masterfully weaves a captivating tale. With a skill for keeping many strings of storytelling going and tying them neatly together in the end, she is sure to keep you watching for more. (Sep., 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson