As far as Navy SEAL Brody Hawke is concerned, he is alone in the world, following the death of his mother. Brody is more than a little stunned when he receives an urgent letter from a wealthy vintner named Giancarlo Hawke who claims to be his father. In the letter, Giancarlo reveals that he fears for his life and that he wants to meet with his long-lost son. The kicker, however, is the revelation that Brody has a twin brother named Elliott.

Victoria Anderson is trying to find the right time to break off her engagement to Elliott Hawke. She is forced to delay her announcement when Elliotts father suddenly drowns. The entire Napa Valley is shocked when Brody suddenly arrives on the scene. Too late to meet his father, Brody has mixed feelings about his newfound brother and extended family.

Why were the twins separated in the first place? Brody wants answers and he intends to stick around until he gets them. He quickly learns however that he and Elliott share the same taste in women. Victoria soon finds herself in the uncomfortable position of being technically engaged to one brother, while falling for the other.

As she has done in book after book, Meryl Sawyer expertly blends just the right amount of sexual tension, romance and suspense thereby creating a hugely entertaining read! (Sep., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith