This romance is simple and sweet, but not the only element to the story. Readers will also get roped into the circumstances surrounding the search for a fabled necklace, which is complicated by betrayal, blackmail and obligation. As with any good mystery, trust is elusive and nothing is as it seems. Min is a daring heroine that bucks convention, making her a perfect match to Bryant and his shady past. An excellent start to a new series!

Min's family is in dire straights, living in poverty on an island colony awaiting trial for an accidental death while she resides at her Aunt's finishing school in England. When she overhears two strangers in town discussing a local legend and making a plan to steal the Courtland necklace, Min decides her best bet is to find the treasure first. Imagine her surprise when one of the thieves, Bryant Westley, shows up at the school pretending to be a dance instructor! The race is on to locate the missing Courtland jewels before its too late. (Entangled Publishing, Jan., dl., $2.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty