Image of Trusting Evil


Image of Trusting Evil

Trusting Evil is eerily gripping, spine-tingling and masterfully written, and should help Leo establish herself as a dynamo in the romantic suspense genre. Robust characters, a pulse-pounding atmosphere and a plotline that is brilliantly sketched by real-life events showcase Leo’s superlative storytelling skills.

During the summer of 1966 most teenage girls were swept away by Beatle-mania — and Carly Rockett was not im-mune to the moppets from across the pond. When Carly and two of her best friends encounter a guy who seems to be a German sailor, and has a possible link to the Beatles, they are awestruck. Unbe-knownst to the girls, this fellow is Richard Speck, who is about to slaughter eight student nurses in what is coined the “crime of the century.” Two decades later, Carly is working on a movie set inside the prison that is home to Speck. Due to the negligent prison system, Speck is living the high life behind bars instead of paying for his crimes. Carly unites with a dissatisfied prison guard to bring change to the blemished prison system. When the system fights back to protect its flawed structure, Carly has to decide how far she will go to right the injustices of the past. (BOOKS WE LOVE, Mar., 317 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco