Image of The Truth About Love and Lightning: A Novel


Image of The Truth About Love and Lightning: A Novel

With the easy flow of the folk tales it embodies, this novel is a quick read, finishing faster than a flash of lightning. McBride blends the stories of three different generations, incorporating themes of family, friendship, love and secrecy. Alternating between the magic of the past and the mystery of the present keeps the reader engrossed and, though predictable at times, this novel is enjoyable and heartening.

Forty years ago as a pregnant teenager, Gretchen Brink told what she thought was a little white lie. When a freak tornado tears apart her land and leaves a man with amnesia in its wake — a man who looks a lot like her lost love, Sam Winston — Gretchen wonders if her secret is finally going to be revealed. To add to Gretchen’s dilemma, her grown daughter, Abby, shows up carrying a child of her own. As the rubble from the storm is cleared, Gretchen, Abby and the Man Who Might Be Sam learn that you don’t always need blood to be a family. (MORROW, Feb., 336 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn Kelly