Once a victim, Jo Hunter has become a police detective with the LAPD and turned her life around. When she gets word that Maggie Oglethorpe, the woman who was foster mother to her and two other girls has had a stroke, she returns to her hometown to make amends and put her past to rest. Unfortunately, the person who attacked her is now a community leader, and when she confides in Sheriff Sam Witt, he doesn't believe her. It hurts that Sam is dubious of her story and she is surprised to find she truly wanted him to trust in her. Eventually, the truth will come out and so will the romantic tension simmering between Jo and Sam. Truth Be Told (3), by Barbara McMahon, is about forgiveness. This is an entertaining read populated by likeable and interesting characters. The reader will be truly root for both Sam and Jo and for their happy ending.
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers