After nearly being killed when events from the past caught up with her, Zoe and her new husband, P.I. Ethan Truax, are gingerly finding their way in marriage.

Ethan married Zoe to prevent her from returning to Candle Lake Manor psychiatric clinic. However, Zoe was not the only escapee from Candle Lake—Arcadia Ames provided money and resources for their new identities.

Arcadia checked into Candle Lake Manor while attempting to hide from her murderous husband. Although the authorities think that Grant Loring is dead, Arcadia is not convinced. A few strange incidents make her wonder if Grant is stalking her again. Zoe and Ethan are not about to take any chances with Arcadia's welfare, so the entire gang goes on the offensive.

Besides worrying about Arcadia, Zoe has another issue to contend with—she keeps stumbling upon strange and terrifying psychic spiderwebs. Is there a dangerous individual stalking her as well?

The always awesome Krentz returns to Whispering Springs for another chapter in the adventures of Zoe and Ethan. Part of what makes this book so special is the camaraderie between beloved characters. This book has a perfect blend of humor, danger, romance and the paranormal. A gold-plated keeper! (Dec., 416 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith