Accountant Sonya Drummond is tired of her ordinary life. Vowing to break free of her monotonous routine, she books a singles' cruise, intent on having a fling with someone devastatingly handsome and sexy.

Enter tall and sexy bounty hunter Kai Armstrong. Though physically attracted to Sonya, Kai is not about to let the skilled con artist distract him from apprehending her and her uncle -- despite her proclamations of innocence. And, while he's never mixed business with pleasure before, Sonya's killer body might be the persuading factor.

Similar to boiling water, Truth or Dare starts off slow and cool, gradually developing into a sizzling hot simmer. Kai and Sonya are extremely compatible, and both are likable characters. The plot is strong, well thought out and systematically organized. The novel is full of action, though, at times, a little over the top, and the dialogue is often tense and over-complicated rather than free flowing, but the dry humor balances this out. And, while the ending answers the question about Kai and Sonya's relationship, it fails to address their pasts and how they came to be the characters they are today. (Apr., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton