Image of Try Dying (Ty Buchanan Series, Book 1)


Image of Try Dying (Ty Buchanan Series, Book 1)

Bell begins a wonderful series starring lawyer Ty Buchanan. His ability to write scenes that have the reader holding her breath make his books truly suspenseful and genuine page-turners.

Ty is in a good place in his life. He has a good job as a lawyer, a sweet fiancee, Jacqueline, and no worries, really. Then a man kills himself on a highway overpass just as Jacqueline's car moves underneath. His body lands on the windshield, killing her instantly. Ty's grief threatens to consume him, until a vagrant approaches him at the funeral, claiming to have information that would disprove Jacqueline's "instant death," which he will exchange for financial compensation.

Ty's venture into dangerous territory to learn the truth of his fiancee's death takes him to the streets, where everything is not as it seems, and uncovering the truth puts his life in jeopardy. (Center Street, Oct., 288 pp., $21.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin