Image of Try Fear (Ty Buchanan)


Image of Try Fear (Ty Buchanan)

Bell's writing is strong and his courtroom experience makes this a completely devourable read. With Ty still in the Benedictine community, it looks like more than just his basketball game is developing with the sister. But it's in the courtroom where Ty excels and this case is a doozy. While there is no overt Christian faith message in the story, the battle between good and evil is strong.

Ty is living in a trailer on the grounds of a monastery when the case of a woman and her young daughter being evicted by an unscrupulous building owner draws him back into the dangerous world he thought he'd left behind. It seems simple enough, but after Ty makes it clear he will pursue his client's rights, the woman is found dead, and Ty must protect the little girl while solving her mother's murder.

Sister Mary's been the victim of stalking and joins Ty as his courtroom assistant. She makes a big difference in his way of doing business and his thought process. What does that mean to him as a man, though? And will it make a difference for his client? (CENTER STREET, Aug., 304 pp., $21.99)
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Linda Mae Baldwin