The alternating perspectives really highlight the sparks flying between Ben and Barbara, showing the physical attraction that begins with their first verbal sparring match over décor and continues to gain heat throughout. Both have familial issues to work through: Ben must deal with the rumors and truth surrounding his father, and Barbara needs to address her misguided feelings of envy regarding her sister. They are a surprising couple who will entertain with their Nick and Nora-esque antics as they try to find a blackmailer/murderer while furthering their shared goal of avoiding scandal and protecting their families.

Lord Beningbrough, the future Duke of Ormesby, is determined to help his cousin Teddy, Lord Cliburne, avoid marriage to Helen, a flighty young lady who already has a reputation for dallying with her neighbor’s footman. Ben doesn’t think too highly of the future Lady Cliburne, but her sister is another matter entirely. Barbara is nothing like her maneuvering sister. Possessing a quick wit and keen intellect, she has vowed to never marry, choosing to live off her inheritance instead of relying on a man. When the footman turns up dead in Helen’s house, Teddy confesses to spare her a scandal and it falls to Ben and Barbara to discover the truth. (CARINAPRESS.COM, dl $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty