Image of The Tsarina's Daughter


Image of The Tsarina's Daughter

Anyone who ever wished for a happy ending for the Romanovs will find it
in Erickson's reimagination of what would have happened if one Romanov escaped death. She chooses Tatiana,
the second daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra, and creates an entertaining, believable story of a turbulent historical era and a passionate young woman's
survival. Readers will enjoy suspending their disbelief for this winning romance.

Born into privilege and love -- but always under the shadow of her brother's illness and the mysterious Rasputin -- Tania plays at romance and plans a future filled with happiness. But World War I and the Russian Revolution end her dreams.

Even before rumbles of unrest reach the palace, she makes clandestine trips into the streets. Tania befriends an impoverished woman whose lover was killed by Cossacks and sees firsthand the people's anger building. As war erupts, she's thrust from ballrooms into hospital wards, tending the wounded -- loyal men like Michael, whom she nurses and sends back to the front. When her family is taken captive by the Red Army, Tania holds out for a glimmer of hope that Michael will help them. Exchanging places with a servant, she and Michael flee to Canada where, at 93, she tells her tale. (St. Martin's, Oct., 324 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin