Gagnon's debut novel begins like a teen slasher flick but improves considerably after that, and once she hits her stride, there's no telling where the story's going next. Gagnon gets top marks for characterization and imaginative use of gore. The first in a new series featuring FBI agent Kelly Jones.

A cluster of ritualistic murders at her alma mater means one big headache for FBI agent Kelly Jones. The killing ground is a tunnel system beneath the university, and the victims are the daughters of well-connected men. Clues are at a premium, but there are plenty of suspects -- including a professor who specializes in ancient religions and a disturbed student.

Kelly, her partner, Roger Morrow, and their team keep chipping away, but progress is slow. Then ex-FBI agent Jake Riley, an employee of one of the wealthy fathers, turns up. Kelly doesn't want his help, but she may need it to catch the killer before another girl dies. (MIRA, Jun., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer