Book after book, the suspense has been building toward the fireworks promised by the dangerous pairing of potential lovers Joley and Ilya. The Drake Sisters novels have always been about family loyalty and trust -- things that this damaged hero has never experienced. Feehan's gift for compelling characterization is spot on and makes the relationship between this combustible duo aces!

While singing is all that mega-star Joley Drake has ever wanted to do, the touring is tough to take. Things have gotten especially dicey now that both Joley and the band have picked up stalkers. When Joley realizes that a teenage girl she saw at an afterparty has disappeared, her questions place her in danger.

Although he scares her emotionally, Joley soon realizes that Russian bodyguard Ilya will use all his supernatural skills to protect her. The price, however, may be high. Ilya is determined to possess Joley body and soul. The murder of a roadie indicates the danger is coming way too close for comfort! (JOVE, Aug., 325 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith