Image of Turn and Burn: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel


Image of Turn and Burn: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel

James continues to impress with the latest in her contemporary western Blacktop Cowboys series. She blends sexuality with emotion as her characters grow into their relationship. Familiar characters from other books in the series provide some of James’ trademark humor and add cohesion to the story.

After several thwarted attempts at a one-night stand, Tanna Barker finally finds a worthwhile candidate. Upon spending a rousing night in the sack, she sneaks out, not wanting to know even his name. Imagine her shock when her hook-up, veterinarian August “Fletch” Fletcher, shows up at her new job at her friends’ lodge. They make an agreement to become “friends with benefits.” When Fletch’s office assistant and his father bully him into taking a six-week sabbatical, he and Tanna move into a more public association. Seriously injured during her career as a barrel racer, Tanna now fears horses. Fletch takes the challenge of easing that fear, but learns some eye-opening facts about himself. How will he cope if his newfound love returns to the circuit? (NAL, Aug., 368 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown