Get ready for a totally wild ride because it is Bastian and Charlie’s job to discuss sex openly and frankly and readers will get an earful! The dialogue between the couple is snappy and will have you smiling, if not laughing outright. The roles the two take on — with Bastian angling for marriage, and Charlie looking for a roll in the hay — are amusing. Bastian is an unbelievably wonderful hero, but perhaps a bit too buttoned up at times. However, Charlie is always ready to tease him out of his seriousness. Charlie is fun-loving heroine who embraces her sexuality and is empowered by her choices. Readers are sure to love this battle of wills between two very determined people.

Dr. Bastian Talbot was married when he first met the luscious Charlie Pierce, so the two settled on being friends. They are also co-workers and host a weekly sex talk radio show called Let's Talk About Sex with Dr. Hot and the Honeypot. Over the years, Charlie and Bastian’s friendship has grown into something more and now that Bastian is divorced, he feels free to explore a deeper relationship. But when he confronts Charlie, she immediately shies away. Her experience tells her that relationships never last and she is not about to give into temptation if that means losing Bastian’s friendship. Bastian is not one to give up, so he announces on-air that he wants to marry his co-host and to prove that his intentions are legitimate he is willing to forgo intimacy with Charlie until the wedding. Charlie is shocked, but immediately offers a counter bet. She tells Bastian that she can get him into the bedroom before they go down the aisle. And with that, the Race to Wed or Bed is on! (CARINA PRESS, Aug. 2011, dl., $5.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Morgan Doremus