Image of Turned


Image of Turned

The third in the Blood Lily Chronicles starts with an intense demon battle,
and the action never lets up. The
first-person narrative gives readers
a firsthand feel for the heroine's
conflict. Kenner brings her apocalyptic story to a satisfying conclusion, but hopefully Lily will be back again to keep the world safe.

When Lily's cover is blown, she goes underground in her fight against the forces of evil. Her foes are always one step ahead, and things grow increasingly dangerous when she discovers a traitor among her group. She needs the Oris Clef, a demonic key created by the demon Penemue. The necklace can control the coming apocalyptic horde of demons.

But if she can't get her hands on it, there's another way. Archangel Gabriel tells Lily that she herself is a key. All she has to do is tumble into hell and spend eternity suffering in the fiery pit. (ACE, Jan., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski