Image of Turned: The Belladonna Agency Series


Image of Turned: The Belladonna Agency Series

DePaul’s latest is an amazing read filled with vampires both good and evil. The chemistry between Ty and Ana is fiery, strong and electric and Ana’s mixture of toughness and vulnerability is totally appealing. Plenty of action, an intriguing plot, a crisp narrative and stellar pacing pulls the reader into the story and keeps the pages turning.

FBI agent and vampire Ty Duncan is given the task to recruit ex-gang member Ana Martin to Belladonna, a secret agency that monitors vampires. In exchange for her acceptance, Ty promises to give Ana information about her long-lost sister. A past gang shooting has scarred Ana both physically and emotionally and she has lost her will to fully live. When she accepts Ty’s offer, Ty knows Ana needs to be just a job to him, but the desire between them burns too strong. (BANTAM, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates