Armintrout's debut is a clever blending of classic vampire story conventions, several small innovations and the eternal romantic triangle -- not unlike the work of several other popular writers
in the genre. What's different is the author's clear, distinctive voice and her hero -- Nathan's a keeper!

Facing her fear by visiting a badly mutilated John Doe in the hospital morgue changes ER doctor Carrie Ames, but not the way she'd hoped. Attacked and almost killed by the definitely not dead corpse, Carrie gradually concludes that her assailant is a vampire -- and, now, so is she! Not good news because, suddenly, her life is really out of control.

On one hand is Nathan Grant, a vampire and vampire hunter, the man responsible for sending Carrie's sire, Cyrus Kendrick, to the morgue in the first place. On the other is Cyrus himself, who has plans for Carrie and for Nathan. Drawn to them both, Carrie has to make a choice -- hopefully before the Soul Eater gets loose!

(Jun., 448 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer