Image of The Turning


Image of The Turning

In The Turning, Bunn keeps readers guessing what will happen next with unpredictability from both the protagonist and antagonist. The story is relevant to modern culture, as it speaks to readers about the importance of following God regardless of the opposition. The characters are relatable, broken people who answer God’s call to lessen the hopelessness that so often permeates the media. The end is satisfying and leaves the possibility of a sequel.

Five people hear God’s call and decide to respond. From a seemingly random turn of events in each of their lives, they end up together and face off with the most prolific media empire in the U.S., and this empire will stop at nothing to destroy the lives of these people who dare to oppose them. As the five try to obey God while their lives are torn apart, they come to see what hope and faithfulness truly looks like. (RIVER NORTH, Apr., 304 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Frobisher