This novella takes readers to a planet where dragons fill the sky, and then down to Earth where two girls befriend an orphan who soon becomes the talk of the town. It’s a cute theme that would be well suited for a children’s book, but the story, as it stands, with the sexual innuendos and the basic plotlines, is odd. YA readers and paranormal lovers will most likely find it silly.

Taz is excited. It’s her first mating cycle, and if all her blue eggs hatch into healthy dragonets she will be allowed to permanently mate with the male dragon she’s yearned for. When she’s harmed by a green dragon, Taz is frightened. If even one of her eggs comes out a different color she will be exiled, so when a turquoise egg appears, Taz quickly hides it in an “alien metal device” which lifts off Cozz and disappears. When the device crash-lands on Earth, a young girl named Nahma finds the egg. Planting the strange-looking seeds from inside and taking the egg home, Nahma, her grandpa and her sick friend Gina are in for the adventure of their lives. (DEVINEDESTINIES.COM, dl $2.99, ISBN: 9781554879205, E-book, 12 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor