Image of The Twelve (Passage)


Image of The Twelve (Passage)

Cronin’s masterpiece saga continues in brilliant apoca-tastic fashion, reuniting
readers with his memorable characters from book one as well as introducing new heroes and monsters. He paints the scenes of his towering good vs. evil tale with a masterful, haunting narrative that will leave his fans breathless, fearful and hopeful.

It’s now 97AV and Amy, Peter, Alicia and the others are all still fighting the battles but not winning the war against the virals, the genetically enhanced escaped prisoners who destroy all who get in their way. The band of survivors has learned from the mistakes of their predecessors, but still make enough of their own. They have learned of a new threat, a possible connection to disappearances in several Texas communities and a new link to the virals. From different directions, with parallel goals, they set out to investigate. What they find will change the future — even if none of them may live to see it. (BALLANTINE, Oct., 592 pp., $28.00)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt