Image of Twelve Nights


Image of Twelve Nights

TWELVE NIGHTS (4) by Hope Tarr: This sequel to Bound to Please is the story of Ewan's twin brother, Callum, Laird of the Clan Fraser, and Brianna's best friend, Lady Alys, Laird of the MacLeods (even if she is a woman). Although it's not as wonderfully humorous and innovative as Ewan and Brianna's story, it's a strong and heartfelt tale set in the Scottish Highlands in 1460. Callum falls instantly in love with Alys, even when she tells him she was married before, has a child and worked as a harlot to support them when her husband died. They marry at Christmas, but at the wedding feast a man claims to be Alys' husband. Callum is determined to get her back and find out who this man is and where he came from. This is beautifully written, and Callum and Alys make wonderful lovers.

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Page Traynor