Seven years ago, Emma Delancy fled the crimes of her first husband, a problem she has kept to herself since settling in the cozy small town of Haven, Indiana.

When a new man in town, Noah Sawyer, accuses an orphan boy named Sean of stealing, Emma defends the boy and soon finds herself caring for him. As Sean and Emma get paired with Noah and his niece Belinda, whom he had secretly rescued from greedy relatives years agobreaking the law himself, as the court wouldn't allow a single man to adoptsparks begin to fly.

Noah decides to propose to Emma, thus enabling him to gain custody of Belinda. But when the sheriff comes to arrest him for kidnapping, Emma thinks she's the one sought

In top form, Jo Ann Ferguson creates a high-tension love story, set in a community full of likeable, typical rural Midwesterners, and a satisfying ending complete with a ready-made family. SENSUAL (Mar., 345 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger