When Ty McKinnon lost his wife and newborn son, his heart broke. Now he is a confirmed bachelor. As mayor and mercantile owner in Willow Grove, Texas, Ty is well respected by the townsfolk, and everyone prays for a new love for him.

Camille Dupree has come to town to continue her career as a card dealer, but she decides to make a fresh start. Slowly, Ty and Camille learn to trust and love each other. An encounter with God by way of the Bible and a dream brings Camille to her knees, but can God truly forgive her horrible past?

Gillenwater's sweet love story details the inspiring discovery of grace and forgiveness. The issues of the 1880s expand the scope of the story to provide a layered backdrop. Multifaceted characters struggle with realistic dilemmas where God's power is shown. (Jul., 288 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel